a Breath of Fresh Air
Title: a Breath of Fresh Air
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo; chansoo
Rating: NC-17
Length: 7.6k
Summary: Kyungsoo realizes he's gonna need help with this kink. Chanyeol comes to his rescue.
Warnings: breathplay, voyeurism, mentions of other kinks
Disclaimer: don't try this at home i have no idea what i'm doing
A/N: OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS. it's my first smut fic this is super weird. written for and because of trinny !!!!!! bc she said something about kyungsoo in a choker a month ago. HERE U GO I HOPE U ENJOY IT

please click on the title of this post to read itCollapse )
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Cherry Filter
Title: Cherry Filter
Pairing: implied(?) Baekhyun/Sehun if u want
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3k
Summary: When Sehun got his crush to agree to go out with him, he did not expect said crush to flirt with other guys right in front of him during their date.
A/N: HA !! i wrote a thing and it's not sad !!! well .. not only sad it's still a little sad :c

When Sehun got his crush to agree to go out with him, he did not expect said crush to flirt with other guys right in front of him during their date.Collapse )

Crash and Burn
Title: Crash and Burn
Pairing: none, Suho-centric
Rating: PG
Length: 900
Summary: Joonmyun likes to think he's the kind of leader that is like a brother and a friend to the younger ones.
A/N: this is sad.
Disclaimer: this is made up
Warnings: sad feelings

Joonmyun catches himself in the middle of his sentence, a half formed word on his tongue.Collapse )

Safe and Unspoken
Title: Safe and Unspoken
Pairing: Donghae/Sehun (friendship)
Rating: PG
Length: 700+
Summary: Sehun was a mess when Donghae reached out to him the first time.
A/N: this is a sad thing i have done. inspired by this pic
Disclaimer: i have no idea what happened and how people feel and felt, this is made up
Warnings: sad feelings, mentions of exo going from 12 to 9

Donghae remembers it well.Collapse )

Bright Smiles and Wide Eyes
Title: Bright Smiles and Wide Eyes
Pairing: none, Sehun-centric
Rating: G
Length: 100-200
Summary: Bright smiles and wide eyes to take in everything around him.
A/N: i wrote this back in april and forgot about it until just now lol the ending is a little flat i think i wanted to add to it but /shrugs

Chanyeol remembers when Sehun was just a little boyCollapse )

Title: Stuck
Pairing: Henry/Amber; henber
Rating: PG
Length: 2.7k+ words
Summary: Small enclosed spaces aren’t exactly Amber's thing, but neither is trudging up the stairs to her apartment on the 5th floor while carrying two bags stuffed to the brim with groceries.
A/N: SURPRISE !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY neoragodestiny ! i love you oodles and bunches and heaps ♥
Warnings: a couple of blocks of text and (highlight to read) description of panic attack, claustrophobia

“Just this once. It’s gonna be fine.”Collapse )
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Corners and Edges
Title: Corners and Edges
Pairing: none, Suho-centric
Rating: S for sad
Length: 200-300 words
Summary: He can't help but feel jealous.
A/N: SAD SUHO IS SAD this is basically part of my sad-suho-headcanon that i wrote last night when i couldn't sleep

Sometimes when Joonmyun looks at Baekhyun or Jongdae, he can't help but feel jealous.Collapse )

Daunting in the Dark
Title: Daunting in the Dark
Pairing: Kai/Krystal; kaistal
Rating: PG
Length: 500-600 words
Summary: It's a few minutes past 3am when Soojung wakes up.
A/N: lame title is lame and short fic is short. written at neoragodestiny on LINE, but she fell asleep lmao

There's a storm raging outside.Collapse )
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Facing Facts and Feelings
Title: Facing Facts and Feelings
Pairing: Henry/Amber, henber & onesided!krisber, Kris/Amber
Rating: PG .. 13?
Length: 1.6k+ words
Summary: Kris thinks tonight is the night he's gonna kiss her, it's the perfect opportunity. It's time for something to happen and put an end to his suffering.
A/N: lame title is lame. this idea started when i was tweeting at ny and then suddenly i was writing it at her on LINE and woops i had the first 800 words and woops last night i wrote the rest
for neoragodestiny~

Kris thinks tonight is the night he's gonna kiss her, it's the perfect opportunity. They're hanging out at Henry's place, just the three of them.Collapse )

Title: Couch
Pairing: Xiumin/Luhan, xiuhan
Rating: PG .. 13? PG i think
Length: 600+ words
Summary: He must have dozed off at one point because suddenly he's woken up by someone putting a blanket over him.

It's been a tiring day.Collapse )
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